Wordpress satellite install

In this installation method FireStats is installed anywhere on your web server (outside of Wordpress).
This is the recommended for advanced users that want to monitor several blogs (or other systems) using the same FireStats installation.

NOTE: This requires Wordpress 2.0 or newer.


  • Install FireStats somewhere on your web server following the Standalone installation instructions.
  • Copy only the file firestats-wordpress.php to the Wordpress plugins directory (it you should end up at wp-content/plugins/)
  • Open the Wordpress plugins tab, and activate FireStats.
  • Go to Options->FireStats
  • Enter the path where you installed FireStats
  • Enter the URL FireStats can be accessed from.
  • Access FireStats from the Dashboard


  • Unzip the new version on top of the old one, overwriting the old files.
  • Replace your existing firestats-wordpress.php in the Wordpress plugins directory with the new one.
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