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FireStats allow you to easily track access to your WordPress blog.


There are two methods to integrate FireStats with Wordpress:

Hosted install

  • Extract FireStats into the Wordpress plugins directory (or extract locally and upload the directory tree)
  • Activate the plugin from the menu.
  • FireStats will be accessible from the Dashboard.

Satellite install (For advanced users)

  • Install FireStats somewhere on your web server following the Standalone installation instructions.
  • Copy only the file firestats-wordpress.php to the Wordpress plugins directory.
  • Open the Wordpress plugins tab, and activate the FireStats.
  • Go to Options->FireStats
  • Enter the path where you installed FireStats
  • Enter the url FireStats can be accessed from.
  • FireStats will be accessible from the Dashboard.


  • Deactive FireStats from the plugins menu.
  • Unzip the new version on top of the old one, overwriting the old files.
  • If if you Installed in Satellite mode, don't forget to update the firestats-wordpress file in your plugins directory.
  • Activate FireStats from the plugins menu.