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Plugin Commander

Plugin Commander is a plugin management plugin for WPMU, released under GPL.
It allow you to do the following things:

  • Mark any plugin in the plugins directory to be automatically activated for new blogs.
  • Mass activate or deactivate a plugin for all existing blogs
  • Choose which plugins users can activate and deactivate through Manage->Plugins, for this to make sense you need to disable the built-in plugins menu (through Site Admin->Options->Menus)
  • Activate and deactivate plugins for specific blogs, even if the blog owner is not allowed to control those plugins.


Download 1.1.5 from here.

If you find Plugin commander useful please make a donation.


Extract into mu-plugins (plugin-commander.php should be straight in mu-plugins).

Change log

Plugin Commander 1.1.4 (17/10/2008)

  • Fixed compatibility with WPMU 2.6.2, Fixes the 'Access denied' error messages when activating new blogs.

Plugin Commander 1.1.4 (27/09/2008)

  • Now only allow users with activate_plugins privilege to activate plugins (#833)

Plugin Commander 1.1.3 (29/08/2008)

  • Added feedback message for user actions, thanks to webmaestro (#806)

Plugin Commander 1.1.2 (02/07/2008)

  • Simplified Chinese translation contributed by Dreamcolor ( (18/07/2008)
  • Fixed a translation bug with the names and descriptions of plugins.
  • Now showing Manage->Plugins menu to admins even if there are no plugins under user control.
  • Added commented code to be uncommented to work around wpmu 1.3.3 and 1.5.1 bug with locales (

Plugin Commander 1.1.1 (23/06/2008)

  • Fixed a bug with the translation file registration.
  • Norwegian translation contributed by Rune Gulbrandsoy
  • Spanish translation contributed by Jorge Ferrando
  • For the translation to work, you need to set WPLANG in wp-config.php
  • There seems to be a bug in WPMU 1.3.3 and 1.5.1 that prevents the usage of translations. hopefully it will be resolved in future WPMU versions. as a workaround, edit pc_textdomain and make it look like this:
    function pc_textdomain()
        global $locale;
        $old = $locale;
        $locale = WPLANG;
        load_plugin_textdomain('plugin-commander', 'wp-content/mu-plugins/plugin-commander-i18n');
        $locale = $old;

Plugin Commander 1.1.0 (21/06/2008)

  • Anna Ozeritskaya fixed the visual design of Plugin Commander to match WPMU design. in addition, she made it internationalization ready and contributed Russian translation. Thanks Anna!

Plugin Commander 1.0.3 (21/04/2008)

  • Site admin can now control all active plugins for a particular blog through Manage->Plugins.
  • Security hole patched.

Plugin Commander 1.0.2 (01/02/2008)

  • Made UI clearer and added a help section.

Plugin Commander 1.0.1 (14/11/2007)

  • Worked around WPMU bug that prevented automatic activation when a new user registered a user and a blog at the same time.

Plugin Commander 1.0.0 (27/10/2007)

  • Users can now activate plugins you allow them to activate. (The page for users is at Manage->Plugins)
  • Plugin-Commander admin page moved to Site Admin->Plugin Commander.
  • Fixed a bug with mass deactivation

Help wanted

If you would like to translate Plugin Commander to another language, please send me the translation and I`ll include it with the release.