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Plugin Commander

Plugin Commander is a plugin management plugin for WPMU, released under GPL.
It allow you to do the following things:

  • Mark any plugin in the plugins directory to be automatically activated for new blogs.
  • Mass activate or deactivate a plugin for all existing blogs
  • Choose which plugins users can activate and deactivate through Manage->Plugins, for this to make sense you need to disable the built-in plugins menu (through Site Admin->Options->Menus)


Download 1.0.3 from here.


Copy into mu-plugins

Change log

Plugin Commander 1.0.3 (21/04/2008)

  • Site admin can now control all active plugins for a particular blog through Manage->Plugins.
  • Security hole patched.

Plugin Commander 1.0.2 (01/02/2008)

  • Made UI clearer and added a help section.

Plugin Commander 1.0.1 (14/11/2007)

  • Worked around WPMU bug that prevented automatic activation when a new user registered a user and a blog at the same time.

Plugin Commander 1.0.0 (27/10/2007)

  • Users can now activate plugins you allow them to activate. (The page for users is at Manage->Plugins)
  • Plugin-Commander admin page moved to Site Admin->Plugin Commander.
  • Fixed a bug with mass deactivation

Help wanted

If you like the Plugin Commander, and would like to help, here are some things I`d like to be improved:

  • Make it internationalization ready
  • Make it less ugly