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WordPress MU

WPMU Support is experimental, this is strictly for beta purpose'''
Feedback will be greatly appreciated.


WPMU Support have not been officially released yet, you need to obtain is from SVN. check-out the code from trunk.


  • Install and configure Standalone FireStats somewhere on your server
  • Copy firestats-wordpress.php into your mu-plugins directory
  • As a WPMU Administrator, open Options->FireStats and specify the path and URL of the standalone FireStats


  • Delete firestats-wordpress.php into your mu-plugins directory. this will deactivate the plugin.
  • Upgrade the standalone installation as instructed here
  • Copy the new firestats-wordpress.php into your mu-plugins directory

General information

User interface

FireStats for WPMU has two kind of user interfaces, the regular interface which is only available to site administrators, and the minimal user interface for non-admin users - which provides the user with access to his/her own statistics and to some basic personal settings such as language and time zone selection. This distinction is required to block normal users from accessing the administrative functions of FireStats.

Known issues

  • Only new blogs will be registered with FireStats automatically. existing blogs will not be registered and their hits will be registered as orphaned hits.
  • FireStats standalone installation should be protected against normal user's access. using apache authentication will probably not work. need to create some form of authentication.
  • The Sites management tab is not suitable for a very large number of sites because it displays the entire sites table.