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WordPress MU

WPMU Support is experimental


Download from the Download page (You need FireStats 1.4.0-beta or newer).

General information

  • FireStats for has two kinds of user interfaces, Admin interface and normal user interface. The Admin interface allow access to all the options of FireStats and the Normal-user interface provides the user with access to his/her own statistics and to some basic personal settings such as language and time zone selection.
  • FireStats supports multiple users, this means each user has his own settings, such as time-zone, language and statistics preferences.
  • There is one to one mapping between WordPress user ids to FireStats user ids, and between WordPress blog id to FireStats site id. this means you can't use FireStats for WPMU to monitor other subsystems on your server. For this reason, FireStats satellite installation is not officially supported for WPMU.
  • FireStats has a special hits commit mode for heavily loaded sites, that inserts the data to a special table using a single insert, and later processed by calling a commit script. check the sample-conf.php file inside the FireStats directory for more information.


Extract FireStats Into the plugins directory (not mu-plugins!). users will need to activate FireStats manually. If there is a demand for it, I will add an option to activate automatically for new blogs.


Overwrite the files in the firestats directory under plugins, open the FireStats UI when logged in as the site admin and upgrade the database if needed.