Translate FireStats

If you want to become a translator, please join firestats-i18n group: I notify translators there of upcoming FireStats releases ahead of time, so they will have time to update their translation.

Translating FireStats to your own language is easy:

  • Obtain poedit
  • Create a new catalog.
  • Fill up the basic catalog info:



  • Enter the keywords fs_r and fs_e, which are the transation keywords used by FireStats.


  • Save your catalog into i18n directory with a name like firestats-he_IL.


  • Translate (A few hours of work), test it as you go.


  • When you are done, follow the instructions here to add your translation to FireStats so other users will benefit from your work.
Last modified 15 years ago Last modified on Nov 20, 2007, 11:07:47 AM