FireStats requires CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES privilege in order to efficiently process incoming hits in 'Buffer hits' mode.

If your database user does not have this privilege, you have two options:

1. Fix the database privileges

Generally speaking, you need to make sure the database user used by FireStats (or WordPress in case FireStats is installed inside WordPress) has CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES privilege. You can do this via a tool like PHPMyAdmin, but you may not be allowed do this. if you can't figure it out, contact your system administrator and ask him for help.

2. Switch to Immediate hits processing mode

You can work around this by switching to Immediate hits processing mode.
Immediate hits processing mode is somewhat slower, but does not require CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES privilege.
Unless your site is heavily loaded, you can safely do this without worrying reduced performance.
You can find this in the settings tab, at the "Hits processing mode" section.


Last modified 13 years ago Last modified on Nov 27, 2008, 6:39:13 PM