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The Standalone version of FireStats allow you to track access to your php pages. At the moment, the installation is a bit manual. later on, this will be simpler:


  • Unzip the zip file into your preferred directory under your web root (ie : /firestats).
  • Using phpmyadmin or a similar tool, create a database for FireStats
  • Create a database user for FireStats
  • Grant the user the following privileges to the FireStats database: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, ALTER, INDEX, DROP and CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES
  • Rename the php/standalone-config-example.php file to php/standalone-config.php, and fill up the fields based on your previous actions (database name, username and password, and the base url, which the of the directory in which you installed FireStats
  • In your browser, open the root FireStats directory, and follow the rest of the instructions


  • Unzip the new version on top of the old one, overwriting the old files<