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    11= Standalone =
    2 The Standalone version of FireStats allow you to track access to your php pages.
    3 == Demo ==
    4  * [ Standalone FireStats]
     2== Installing ==
     3You can install FireStats in one of two ways:
     4 * Using the automatic [wiki:FireStatsInstaller FireStats installer] to download and install FireStats for you.
     5 * Manually download the archive and upload the content to your server.
    6 == Automatic installation ==
    7 [wiki:FireStatsInstaller FireStats installer] can easily install and upgrade !FireStats on your server.
     7The recommended way is to use FireStats installer. you can use it to upgrade FireStats easily later.
    9 == Manual installation ==
    10 === Installation ===
    11  * [wiki:Download] and unzip the zip file into your preferred directory under your web root (ie : /firestats).
    12  * In your browser, open the root FireStats directory, and follow the rest of the instructions in the database configuration tab.
    13  * '''Optional:''' To add a site: go to the '''Sites management''' tab, create a new siteand click the help button next to the new site in the table for further instructions.
     9regardless of how you installed FireStats, you still need to get FireStats to create the tables inside your MySQL database.[[BR]]
     10to do this, simply access FireStats with your browser (usually something like, and follow the on-screen instructions.[[BR]]
     11You should know your MySQL host name, username password and database name in advance. if you are not sure - please contact your system administrator.
    15 === Upgrade ===
     13Once you have FireStats installed into the database, go to the sites tab, add a site - and click on the help button next to your new site for integration instructions.
     15== Upgrade ==
    1616 * Unzip the new version on top of the old one, overwriting the old files
    1717 * Open FireStats, depending on the type of upgrade, you may be required to upgrade the database version by clicking the upgrade button. '''do not''' interrupt the upgrade process.