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Installing FireStats on SourceForge is a bit tricky due to SourceForge strict security.

Configure FireStats database

You will need to create the php/fs-config.php manually. Create the file with this content, and edit to match your settings (obtain the actual values from sourceforge):

$fs_config['DB_USER']='DB_ADMIN_USER'; #like a12345admin
$fs_config['DB_HOST']='DB HOST';       #like mysql4-a
$GLOBALS['fs_config'] = $fs_config;

Configure sessions directory

Additionally you will need to configure FireStats to work with a special sessions directory manually: Create a directory under /tmp/persistent, name it after your project:

mkdir /tmp/persistent/YOUR_PROJECT

Open php/session.php and edit the following line:


to this (Rmove the #comment and add append /YOUR_PROJECT/fs_sessions: