Memory problems

FireStats memory requirements varies because it when its installed inside a different system they both use the same memory.
Some WordPress users encountered memory problems after upgrading to WordPress 2.1.

When PHP runs out of memory it does wierd things, those are some of the possible sympthoms when opening the FireStats admin page:

  • Blank page
  • Partial page
  • Server sends a file with some junk back
  • Memory related errors in the page.
  • if you enabled PHP logging, the memory errors will also appear in the log (usually the apache error log).

The default memory limit is 8mb (for PHP4), I recommend that you increase it to 32mb or more (depending on the number of plugins you have).
There are several ways to do it:


The recommended way is to set memory_limit = 32M in your php.ini file. For me the file is located at /etc/php4/apache2/php.ini, but your location may change depending on your server configuration and installed software.

.htaccess in WordPress

You can add php_value memory_limit 32M to your .htaccess file in the WordPress root. (this may not work, depending on your server configuration).

Your local friendly system administrator

if none of the above works, contact your system administrator and ask for help.

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