MySQL Version

Some features of FireStats requires updated MySQL server.

Delayed processing of hits

As of FireStats 1.5, there is a new mode for handling incoming hits, which is much faster.
This mode buffer up hits into a temp table, and processes them periodically.
Due to MySQL 4.1 bugs, this mode requires MySQL 5.0 or newer.

Archiving of old hits

FireStats supports archiving of hits that reduce needed database size and improve performance.
This functionality requires MySQL 4.1.14 or newer

Time zone support

FireStats can display information bases on the user's time zone. this functionality requires MySQL 4.1.13 or newer.

MySQL 4.0

While MySQL 4.0.17 is the bare minimum needed to run FireStats, it's highly recommended to use at least MySQL 4.1:
Some of the queries performed on MySQL 4.0 are expensive due to 4,0 lack of support for nested SELECT queries.
In other words, FireStats will put more load on servers running MySQL 4.0 than on servers running 4.1 or newer.

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