How to ask for help

Before submiting a ticket or posting a help request to the mailing list make sure that it wasn't already submitted.
Also, be sure to check the FAQ, it might have a solution for your problem.

If its a bug or support request, Provide as much information as possible about the problem:

  • describe how to reproduce the problem.
  • Include a short descreption of the problem history, IE:
    • It worked fine and then I did <something> and the problem appeared
    • It never worked
  • describe how you installed FireStats: as Standalone? hosted inside WordPress?
  • if you have any javascript errors, include them (you can also attach a screenshot).
  • if you have found relevenat PHP errors in the server log include them as well.
  • Specify your browser and OS versions.
  • Specify version of software running on the server:
    • PHP
    • Mysql
    • Apache
    • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other system that you have integrated FireStats with.
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