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     1== Maintaining FireStats translation ==
     2Thanks for translating !FireStats!
     4Maintaining your translation requires using a Subversion client to send your changes to the server.
     5Subversion is the version control system we use to manage !FireStats source.
     6The idea is that you get commit (write) access to the repository, and then you can keep the translation up-to-date without going through me.
     8Before you begin, please:
     9 * join the [ FireStats translation mailing list].
     10 * [wiki:Contact send] me a username and password for your subversion account.[[BR]]
     12We recommend using Tortoise subversion client (Download from [ here]), which is an easy to use Windows client.
     13If you use another operating system let me know and we will find a suitable client.
     14This walkthrough will assume you are running Tortoise SVN on Windows, but the information here is also appropriate for other subversion clients.
     16=== First time setup ===
     17 * [ Download] and install Tortoise subversion client.
     18 * Create directory where you will put !FireStats files, in this walkthrough I used '''c:\work''', enter the directory.
     19 * Right click inside the directory, and select '''SVN Checkout...'''
     20[[Image(htdocs:checkout-1.png, nolink)]][[BR]]
     21 * Enter '''!''' into the Repository url and click ok, !FireStats branches will check-out.
     22[[Image(htdocs:checkout-2.png, nolink)]][[BR]]
     23 * Copy your translation into the appropriate direcory, if you translated '''!FireStats 1.0.2''', that would be '''c:\work\firestats-1.0\i18n'''.
     24 * Right click the file, select '''Tortoise SVN->Add''' and press ok.
     25[[Image(htdocs:svn-add.png, nolink)]][[BR]]
     26 * Right click the file again, select '''SVN Commit''', enter a short message like '''"New Klingon translation!"''' and press ok. you will be asked for a username and password (Those are the username and password you gave me at the begining of the walkthrough).
     27 * If you get no error message, this is it! You have committed your new translation!
     29=== Maintaining your translation ===
     30After a while, we will release a new major version of !FireStats - for this tutorial lets assume you translated 1.0 and we release 1.1.[[BR]]
     31when this happens, we will create a new directory called firestats-1.1 in branches.
     32to translate the new version, follow those instructions:
     33 * Right-click inside the '''c:\work''' directory and select update. this will get the new directory (and also get you any changes to your existing direcories).
     34 * Open your translation file with poedit (in this case, its '''c:\work\firestats-1.1\i18n\firestats-kl_CR.po''').
     35 * Open '''Catalog->Settings->Paths''' and correct the path to '''c:\work\firestats-1.1''', click ok.
     36[[Image(htdocs:poedit-path.png, nolink)]][[BR]]
     37 * Click the update button (The earth like icon in the toolbar). Poedit should display a list of all the new strings.
     38 * Translate the new strings, when you are done, save and close poedit.
     39 * Right click on the trasnlation file, and select '''SVN Commit''', enter a message like "'''Updated Klingon translation in version 1.1'''".
     40 * This is it! You have updated your translation!
     42As always, if you encounter any problems please [Wiki:Contact ask] for help.