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    1 == Maintaining FireStats translation ==
    2 Thanks for translating !FireStats!
    4 Maintaining your translation requires using a Subversion client to send your changes to the server.
    5 Subversion is the version control system we use to manage !FireStats source.
    6 The idea is that you get commit (write) access to the repository, and then you can keep the translation up-to-date without going through me.
    8 Before you begin, please:
    9  * join the [ FireStats translation mailing list].
    10  * [wiki:Contact send] me a username and password for your subversion account.[[BR]]
    12 We recommend using Tortoise subversion client (Download from [ here]), which is an easy to use Windows client.
    13 If you use another operating system let me know and we will find a suitable client.
    14 This walkthrough will assume you are running Tortoise SVN on Windows, but the information here is also appropriate for other subversion clients.
    16 === First time setup ===
    17  * [ Download] and install Tortoise subversion client.
    18  * Create directory where you will put !FireStats files, in this walkthrough I used '''c:\work''', enter the directory.
    19  * Right click inside the directory, and select '''SVN Checkout...'''
    20 [[Image(htdocs:checkout-1.png, nolink)]][[BR]]
    21  * Enter '''!''' into the Repository url and click ok, !FireStats branches will check-out.
    22 [[Image(htdocs:checkout-2.png, nolink)]][[BR]]
    23  * Copy your translation into the appropriate direcory, if you translated '''!FireStats 1.0.2''', that would be '''c:\work\firestats-1.0\i18n'''.
    24  * Right click the file, select '''Tortoise SVN->Add''' and press ok.
    25 [[Image(htdocs:svn-add.png, nolink)]][[BR]]
    26  * Right click the file again, select '''SVN Commit''', enter a short message like '''"New Klingon translation!"''' and press ok. you will be asked for a username and password (Those are the username and password you gave me at the begining of the walkthrough).
    27  * If you get no error message, this is it! You have committed your new translation!
    29 === Maintaining your translation ===
    30 After a while, we will release a new major version of !FireStats - for this tutorial lets assume you translated 1.0 and we release 1.1.[[BR]]
    31 when this happens, we will create a new directory called firestats-1.1 in branches.
    32 to translate the new version, follow those instructions:
    33  * Right-click inside the '''c:\work''' directory and select update. this will get the new directory (and also get you any changes to your existing direcories).
    34  * Open your translation file with poedit (in this case, its '''c:\work\firestats-1.1\i18n\firestats-kl_CR.po''').
    35  * Open '''Catalog->Settings->Paths''' and correct the path to '''c:\work\firestats-1.1''', click ok.
    36 [[Image(htdocs:poedit-path.png, nolink)]][[BR]]
    37  * Click the update button (The earth like icon in the toolbar). Poedit should display a list of all the new strings.
    38  * Translate the new strings, when you are done, save and close poedit.
    39  * Right click on the trasnlation file, and select '''SVN Commit''', enter a message like "'''Updated Klingon translation in version 1.1'''".
    40  * This is it! You have updated your translation!
    42 As always, if you encounter any problems please [Wiki:Contact ask] for help.
     1Oops, typo.[[BR]]
     2use [wiki:HowToMaintainTranslation this].