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This Requires the latest Gregarius code : revision 1597 or newer

There are two methods to integrate FireStats with Gregarius:

Hosted install

Install FireStats directly inside the Gregarius plugin directory and activate the plugin from the menu.
In this installation method, there will be a new menu item in Gregarius nav toolbar, that opens FireStats.

Satellite install

  • Install FireStats somewhere on your web server,
  • Copy only the file firestats-gregarius.php to the Gregarius plugin directory.
  • Open the gregarius plugin tab, and activate the plugin.
  • In the plugins tab, click the edit button next to the FireStats plugin
  • in the configuration screen, enter the full path in which you installed FireStats. For example, /var/www/firestats. (Note: This is NOT the FireStats web path, but the path on the file system)

Help needed

I am looking for a Gregarius hacker that would like to help improving FireStats Gregarius integration.
if you are interested in taking over the integration module, please Contact me.