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FireStats Installer

FireStats Installer is a small web application that can install and upgrade FireStats for you.
It can save you the bother and the time of downloading the latest version, extracting it and uploading it using your ftp client.


Download FireStats installer 1.0.1-beta from here.


  • Standalone : Install somewhere on your server web root, access via your browser.
  • As a WordPress plugin : Unzip into the wp-content/plugins directory, activate and access via Plugins->FireStats installer

In both cases, you should make the file installer-config.php and the directory temp inside firestats-installer writable.

This is a beta release, please report any problems you encounter.

Change log

1.0.1-beta (27/10/2007)

  • Fixed a typo in the default directory name
  • Fixed to use HEAD request when checking file size to avoid false hit count