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FireStats 1.6 - New and noteworthy

Note: detailed change-log is available here

Performance improvements

  • Significant performance improvements to statistics page queries. in some cases queries run 900% faster.
  • Significant performance improvement when committing hits in batched mode, syntactic tests shows that FireStats can accept 5000 hits/sec and commit 1500 hits/sec (10% and 40% improvements, respectivelly)
  • Significant performance improvement when committing hits in immediate mode, syntactic tests shows that FireStats can process 500 hits/sec in this mode, which is a massive improvement (up to 1000% in some cases) (#810)

Hits table pagination

The hits table is now paged, and you can even jump to a particular date!

RSS Subscribers

A new RSS subscribers section was added. currently this only supported for WordPress blogs.
This feature is only available to people who donated.
The subscribers count is visible insite FireStats or as a WordPress widget

JaveScript hit recording

It's now possible to record hits using JavaScript using a simple JavaScript? tag that can be added to any HTML page.
This allow recording of hits on servers other than the server FireStats is running on.
in addition, it will filter practically all bots since typically bots does not support JavaScript.
This is still experimental. the default method for recording hits was not changed.
For example, to record hits for the site with the id 1, add something like this to your HTML page:

   <script type='text/javascript' src='http://server/firestats/js/fs.js?site_id=1></script>

WordPress 2.5 Dashboard

FireStats now appears in WordPress 2.5 dashboard

Sites management tab improved

Sites management tag was improved, and it now supports pagination and filtering by site name.
This is useful for FireStats installations with a very large number of monitored sites, such as WordPress MU sites.