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FireStats 1.5 - New and noteworthy

Note: detailed change-log is available here

Significant performance improvement

FireStats can now process incoming hits much faster, making it suitable for even highly loaded sites. See this for more information.

Exclude hits

It's now possible to exclude hits by a range of IP addresses, and also by URL or referrer.

Improved recent referrers view

There is a new 'time since added' column In the referrers view, when viewing by 'newest first'.

Search engine support improved

  • A few local search engine added (Russian and Norwegian).
  • Support for search engines with URLS not encoded in UTF-8 was added.
  • Search engine icon and search terms are now displayed in the hits table instead of the long referrer line for search engine hits.


Improved last day hits/visits

It's now possible to see visits/page views singe midnight as well as in last 24 hours.

IPv6 Support

FireStats now fully support IPV6, this includes accepting IPV6 hits, displaying correctly them and filtering them.

Improved multiple users support

It's now possible to control which sites each user is permitted to access.