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FireStats 1.4 - New and noteworthy

Note: detailed change-log is available here

Improved startup time

Startup time was significantly improved by loading tabs lazily when they are first needed.

User authentication and multiple users support

FireStats now supports user authentication, this means that users with standalone installations will now be able to easily protect their FireStats from unauthorized access.
In addition, each user has their own settings, so - for example - different users can view FireStats in two different languages, and changes one user make to the statistics options will not effect other users.

User roles

Two user roles are supported: Administrators which have full access to FireStats and all it's options and normal users which can only view statistics and change personal options such as language and time-zone.

Improved users control inside WordPress

Under WordPress, the UI for excluding WordPress users from the statistics was improved. Also, a new option to set the minimum WordPress user role that can view the statistics was introduced.

URL And Referrer tables merged

While this change is mostly an infrastructure change, it simplifies the structure of the database, and enable features not possible in the previous design, such as URL titles (currently only implemented for WordPress posts)

URLs display improved

When available, URL text will now be the page title instead of the link. this effects the recent referrers, popular pages and the hits table.

Recent referrers

The recent referrers section of FireStats was significantly improved in the following ways:

  • Internal hits are now filtered from the referrers section
  • Its now possible to sort the referrers by number of hits or by new-referrers-first. this is a serious improvement over previous sorting (where a hit from a referrer bumped it to the top, even if it was an old referrer).


Popular pages API

A new API call was added to the ever growing FireStats API:
fs_api_get_popular_pages, which returns and array of popular pages.

Popular pages widget

A new WordPress widget that shows Popular posts in WordPress was created. The Widget uses the fs_api_get_popular_pages API call, so it will be easy to implement this on other platforms.

WordPress widgets improved

  • Both widgets (Statistics and Popular posts) are now cached to reduce server load. Popular pages will update at most once an hour, and the statistics widget will update at most every 10 minutes.
  • It's now possible to hide the FireStats logo for widgets.

WPMU support

WordPress MU is now supported.

Delayed commit mode

FireStats has a special hits commit mode for heavily loaded sites, that inserts the data to a special table using a single insert, and later processed by calling a commit script. check the sample-conf.php file inside the FireStats directory for more information.