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FireStats 1.3 - New and noteworthy

Compacting old data

FireStats can now compact old data. This will reduce database size and improve performance. (requires MySQL 4.1.14 or newer) read this for more information.
This can be done automatically or manually.

Search terms

FireStats now displays search terms! You can see the check the search terms people typed to get to your site.

Setting baseline values

It's now possible to set baseline values for page views and visitors of each site FireStats is monitoring.
this is useful if you are migrating from another system and you want to keep the hit count :).

System test

FireStats now includes a system test page that can reveal many problems automatically.

FireStats API improved

FireStats API now support multiple sites, time ranges and specific URL's.
this means you can query FireStats for things like:

  • How many visitors did a URL had in the past 30 days
  • How many page views did a URL had in the last month
  • How many visitors did a specific site had ever

and more.

System information

FireStats can now send system information to me if you allow it. this will help me make better decisions about new features.