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     1= FireStats 1.2 - New and noteworthy =
     3'''WARNING: !FireStats 1.2 is at early beta stages. only install if you can handle possible problems. if in doubt, download 1.1.5-stable for now, and come back when 1.2 turns stable.'''[[BR]]
     5== Sites filter ==
     6!FireStats now fully support multiple sites. this means you can use the same FireStats instance to show statistics about all the sites (subsystems) on your server.
     7For example, if you have several WordPress blogs, a MediaWiki and a Trac site, you will not be able to use the same !FireStats instance to manage the all of the statistics from those sites.[[BR]]
     8The new Sites filter drop-down (that appears if you have more than one site) will let you see the statistics that belongs to a specific site, or the combined statistics.[[BR]]
     12== New Sites management tab ==
     13A new powerful sites management tab was created, that allow you to:
     14 * Add a new site
     15 * Edit an existing site
     16 * Delete existing site, dumping the site hits or transferring them to another site
     17 * Get help on how to integrate with a particular site, based on its actual parameters and site type.
     21== Hits filter ==
     22Its now possible to filter the hits table based on:
     23 * IP address
     24 * URL
     25 * Referrer
     26 * User agent
     27[[Image(htdocs:nnn1.2/hits-filter.png)]] [[BR]]
     29== Whois provider ==
     30Its not possible to select the whois provider for the IP address in the hits table.[[BR]]
     31Its also possible to add new whois providers [wiki:WhoisProviders easily].[[BR]]
     32[[Image(htdocs:nnn1.2/whois.png)]] [[BR]]