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  • FireStats protect the privacy of your users, unlike services like Google analytics. (More on Google Analytics privacy issues).
  • Real time statistics
  • Recent referrers
  • Search engine keywords
  • Recent popular pages
  • Browser and OS trees, grouped by what matters
  • IP to country - know where your visitors are surfing from
  • 'Raw log' of recent hits
  • Excluding unwanted hits from the database
    • By IP address or by IP range.
    • By user-agent (to be used to filter bots)
    • By URL (to filter referrers spam)
  • Ajax UI, no need to reload the whole page - just press the ‘refresh statistics’ button to get the latest data.
  • A single installation can monitor multiple sites on the same server.
  • Multiple users support, with ability to control which sites each user can access.
  • Designed to work on all browsers. (Tested on Firefox, Explorer, Opera etc)
  • Translated to 18 languages in the last count, and translating to additional languages is easy.
  • Compacts old data to improve performance and reduce database size.
  • Works well on high traffic sites without creating a significant server load (more info)
  • Supports IPV6

WordPress specific features

  • RSS Subscribers count
  • Exclude hits by Logged in user (to be used mostly to filter blog administrator(s))
  • Can add flag, OS and browser icons to comments
  • Can add statistics to the blog footer.
  • Widgets:
    • Statistics widget
    • Popular posts widget
    • RSS Subscribers count

Supported platforms

Supported languages

How to translate?

Translation Contributed by
English Omry Yadan
Czech Martin
Danish Peter
Dutch Martijn ten Heuvel
French Sylvain 'BB2k' Costard
German Johannes Parb
Hebrew Omry Yadan
Hungarian Acsai Zsolt
Italian Marco Peverelli
JapaneseAtsushi Sano
NorwegianChristian Lomsdalen
Polish Looking for a new maintainer
Portuguese Fábio Nogueira
RomanianGeorgiana Beju
RussianAnna Ozeritskaya
Slovene Kosir
Spanish José Manuel Mota
Swedish Looking for a new maintainer
Turkish Ferhad Fidan
Ukrainian Vadim Nekhai