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Frequently asked questions

What are the minimal FireStats requiements?

FireStats is known to run on:

  • PHP 4.4.2 or newer.
  • MySQL:
    • Minimum Mysql 4.0.17 with InnoDB support.
    • Recommended 4.1.13 with InnoDB support or newer. (One minor feature will only work from this version)
  • Unix-like OS is preferred, but some users are running it successfuly on windows.

Why not GPL?

While I generally like GPL and did release some things under GPL and LGPL (ip2c, JNotify), I chose not to do it with FireStats because I want to keep the option to sell it to blogging platforms later. if I go with GPL, there is no reason for anyone to buy it as they just use it under the terms of GPL.
If I change my mind, GPL is one of the prefered licenses for FireStats.

When I try to configure the database, I get the error Cannot write configuration file (read only file or directory)

FireStats database configuration tab need write access to the file fs-config.php under the php directory.
Please make sure that the apache user have write access to that file at when you are configuring the file.
a quick fix for the those with low unix-fu:

  • cd firestats/php (Change to the php directory)
  • touch fs-config.php (Makes sure the config file exists)
  • chmod o+w fs-config.php (Make sure everyone can write to the file)
  • Configure database in FireStats database tab.
  • chmod o-w fs-config.php (Make sure everyone can't write to the file)

I installed and activated FireStats in WordPress, but it does not track the visits to my blog!

Make sure you have a call to wp_head() in your theme header.php file. look in the default theme for an example of how it should be.

After upgrading to WordPress 2.1 FireStats no longer works

This is most probably caused by a PHP memory issue.
More information is available here.

FireStats does not work and I get a blank page or my browser tries to download some weird file

This is most likely caused by your PHP process running out of memory, by default PHP gets around 8MB of ram, which should be enough for FireStats, but if you run it from within another environment like a Wordpress blog with a lot of plugins, it may not suffice.
You can find instructions on how to increase the PHP memory limit here.

How can I prevent unauthorized access to my standalone FireStats installation?

There's currently no exclusive support to restrict authorization to your FireStats installation from within any configuration. Alternatively, you can use other methods, like .htaccess Password Protection to restrict(password protect) unauthorized access to FireStats. For further information continue reading here.