FireStats 1.3

New and Noteworthy (Explanations and screen-shots)
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1.3.0 Beta (14/7/2007)

  • Support for archiving historical data automatically or manually. This will reduce the required storage on the database and improve performance. (Ticket #82)
  • FireStats now shows search engines search terms used to get to your site (Ticket #28)
  • It is now possible to set the starting (baseline) values to page views and visits for each site (Ticket #239)
  • A new system diagnostics page was added, the page will automatically detect various problems with your FireStats installation.
  • Its now possible to send anonymous system information that will help me make better decisions about new features.

1.3.1 Beta (15/7/2007)

  • Made database upgrade mechanism more robust
  • Fixed a bug with the information extracted from new hits: country code and search terms were left behind. (17/7/07)

1.3.2 Beta (20/7/2007)

  • Fixed a serious bug that prevented new installations (only upgrade worked).
  • Fixed another bug with the information extracted from new hits.
  • Made the upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3 much more robust.

1.3.3 Beta (21/7/2007)

  • Fixed upgrade bug on MySQL 4.0
  • Fixed search terms bug on MySQL 4.0

1.3.4 RC1 (24/7/2007)

  • Fixed MySQL 4.1.7 related bug
  • Made session code more robust
  • Updated IP-to-country database (31/7/1007).

1.3.5 RC2 (07/08/2007)

1.3.6 stable (27/08/2007)

  • 1.3 goes stable
  • Updated the upgrade process to be slightly more robust on MySQL 5.X (31/08/2007)
  • Fixed an incompatibility with Google analytics plugin (#416) (02/09/2007)
  • Fixed Swedish translation language file name (#417) (02/09/2007)
  • Fixed the detection of unwritable session directory which failed for some users. (#432) (12/09/2007)
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