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FireStats 1.2


FireStats 1.2 is at early beta stages. only install if you can handle possible problems. if in doubt, download 1.1.5-stable for now, and come back when 1.2 turns stable.
if you are upgrading from a previous FireStats, it is recommended to backup your database first.

New and Noteworthy (Explanations and screen-shots)
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1.2.0 Beta (4/3/2007)

  • Multiple sites support (Ticket #111)
  • Hits table filter (Ticket #43)
  • Now possible to select whois provider (Ticket #78)
  • Better handling detection if IP addresses of users behind a proxy (Ticket #191)
  • Improved security
  • Various bugs fixed

FireStats 1.1

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1.1.5 Stable (6/1/2007)

  • Fixed a bug that effected the IP to country resolution on 64bit-php. (#162)
  • Updated IP-to-country database to version 2007.1.5. (9/1/2007)

1.1.4 RC5 (30/12/2006)

  • Fixed bug related to monitoring external pages while firestats is installed in wordpress. (#156)
  • Swedish translation contributded by Rikard Ronnkvist, however - he does not have time to maintain it, so I am looking for a Swedish person that would like to do it.
  • Czech translation contributed by Martin. (1/1/2007)
  • More translations updated.

1.1.3 RC3-RC4 (24/12/2006)

  • Fixed a bug related to the stored URL in some cases. (#149)
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the languages list on PHP 5 (#148)
  • RC4: Removed debug output from languages list function (oops).

1.1.2 RC2 (23/12/2006)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Internet Explorer from displaying statistics

1.1.1 RC1 (22/12/2006)

  • Some translations updated.

1.1.0 Beta (17/12/2006)

  • Bot-list updates automatically.
  • Bot-list import and export.
  • Bot are now filtered using regular expressions
  • Its now possible to select the time-zone of the displayed statistics.
  • Initial Django integration (Thanks to Dan Getz)
  • Startup load time improved
  • Wordpress only
    • New Wordpress settings tab
    • Sidebar FireStats widget (Requires Widgets plugin 1.0.2 or newer)
    • Comment icons: OS, Browser and country flag.
    • Footer statistics
  • Many bugs fixed.
  • Initial Joomla support (20/12/2006)

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