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FireStats 1.0

1.0.1-RC2 (19/11/2006)

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  • Fixed a critical performence bug with the countries table (ticket #104)

1.0.0-RC1 (18/11/2006)

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  • Added IP to country functionality.
  • New FireStats API introduced
  • Added button to purge excluded records to clean up the database from bots.
  • Excluded records (bots etc) are no longer saved by default.
  • More configuration options have been moved the to Statistics screen.
  • Minor visual fixes.
  • Many bugs fixed.

FireStats 0.9.9

0.9.9-beta (16/10/2006)

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  • Fixed several small problems and one big one that caused several wordpress blogs to display a huge list of errors on the blog.
  • Spanish translation updated
  • French translation contributed by Arnaud Bonnevigne (22/10/2006)
  • Dutch translation contributed by Martijn ten Heuvel (24/10/2006)
  • Fixed to work with mysql 4.0.17 (Thanks to Johannes for finding out the fix) (11/11/2006)
  • German translation contributed by Johannes (11/11/2006)

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