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FireStats 1.6

New and Noteworthy (Explanations and screen-shots)
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New features

  • Added basic RSS subscribers support, Currently supports WordPress only. available only to people who donates (#161)
    • I Plan to send an email to all the people who donated in the past that will grant them access to get this feature when 1.6 is stable enough. if you have donated and you wish to beta test this feature, please Contact me.
    • If you want to add RSS subscribers support to another platform supported by FireStats, please open an enhancement request.
  • Initial support for JavaScript hits recording (#680)
  • Hits table pagination + jump to date. (#538)
  • New API : fs_api_ensure_ip2c_db_updated that makes sure the IP2C database is up to date. (#824)
  • Now supports multiple deletion of URLs, Bots and IP addresses in the exclude tables (CTRL Select).
  • Now shows in WP Dashboard as a widget (#672)
  • New WordPress API function to display popular posts on themes that does not support widgets. (#798)
  • Now sorts excluded ip addresses (#790)
  • Sites management tab improved, now supports pagination and filtering by site name.


  • Updated to IP2C 2.0.0. helps with the batch hits processing because it's much faster.
  • Fixed to use json_encode when available to improve performance on systems that run PHP 5 or newer.
  • Significant performance improvement when committing hits in batched mode, can now accept 5000 hits/sec and commit 1500 hits/sec (10% and 40% improvements, respectively)
  • Significant performance improvement when committing hits in immediate mode, can now process 500 hits/sec in this mode, which is a massive improvement (up to 1000% in some cases) (#810)
  • Moved url_site_id back to hits table and optimized queries. Significant improved performance improvements in statistics display.

Bug fixes

  • Made Joomla 1.5 more robust and fixed several bugs with it
  • Fixed upgrade mechanism to be more robust and to work correctly with Firefox aggressive caching.
  • Fixed to automatically remove deleted blogs on a WPMU system and added a script to clean the sites table from blogs which have already been deleted. (#796)

Core changes

  • Removed unused user_id field from hits and pending hits tables.
  • Enhanced plugins functionality and made RSS support a plugin.

1.6.0-beta2 (17/10/2008)

  • Fixed a bug that caused all hits to go to the same blog on WPMU. (#852)
  • Fixed a the recalculate search engines logic (#843)

1.6.0-beta1 (04/10/2008)

See the New and Noteworthy, it contains an overview of the major changes. A detailed changelog is here.

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