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FireStats 1.4

FireStast? 1.4.4 is the last stable version.
the change log for 1.4 is here.

FireStats 1.5

New and Noteworthy (Explanations and screen-shots)
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1.5.0-beta (23/02/2008)

See the New and Noteworthy, it contains an overview of the major changes. A detailed changelog is here.


  • Exclude IP addresses by range
  • Added support for excluding hits by urls and referrers.
  • IPv6 Support
  • There is a new 'time since added' column In the referrers view, when viewing by 'newest first'.
  • Now displays search engine icon and search terms in hits table where appropriate.
  • Integrated with WordPress version check mechanism, new version message now appears also in WordPress plugins list.
  • Now properly converts referrers to utf-8.
  • It's now possible to control which sites each user is permitted to access (#478).
  • Added support for Norwegian and Russian search engines.
  • Now possible to see visits/page views singe midnight as well as in last 24 hours.
  • Added an option to download the configuration file if it's not writable

Bug fixes

  • Fixed to convert Cyrillic keywords encoded in windows 1251 to utf-8 (#590).
  • Renamed Services_JSON to fs_Services_JSON to prevent conflict with other instances of this class.
  • Fixed a bug which caused pages to appear in the popular posts widget in WordPress (#605).
  • Fixed splitting of long unicode strings (no longer split in the middle of a multichar utf-8 character) (#575)
  • Fixed a bug that caused FireStats to check for a new version to often.
  • Fixed a bug that cause errors in WordPress admin secion if an incorrect FireStats address was entered into the FireStats options page (Satellite mode only)
  • Updated flags package to include Surinam and a few other flags.


  • Improved startup time by checking for new version asynchrnously.
  • Optimized commit-pending.php to process 600 hits/sec (in my benchmark, may be slower for real life cases)
  • Optimized popular pages query on mysql < 4.1.14

Core changes

  • Created a generic codepage to utf-8 encoder.
  • It's no longer possible have newly added hits which match an exclude criteria to be saved.
  • To improve performance, Excluded entries are no longer excluded from the display before they have been actually purged, but just marked as excluded.
  • Now store IP addresses as a pair of bigints instead of as a string, this is required to handle ipv6 addresses correctly.
  • Removed site_id from hits table (will use site_id from url)

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