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FireStats 1.4

New and Noteworthy (Explanations and screen-shots)
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1.4.0-beta (03/10/2007)

See the New and Noteworthy, it contains an overview of the major changes.

1.4.1-beta (06/10/2007)

  • Fixed a serious bug that caused all newly inserted referrers to be considered internal, and thus filtered from the referrers list
  • Fixed a few bugs with the popular posts widget in WordPress
  • Fixed a bug that prevented upgrade from 1.2 to 1.4
  • Fixed a bug in the way the API is used from an external app
  • Fixed a bug that prevented login when FireStats is installed in WordPress in satellite mode. (07/10/2007)

1.4.2-beta (13/10/2007)

  • Fixed a problem with the initial language when installed in satellite WordPress
  • Fixed hits table filters
  • Added scroll bar to the users list
  • Change UI design of sites table tab to make better use of space
  • Now using the plugin activation hook for WordPress > 2.0, this enables mass activation by the Plugin-Commander in WPMU
  • Added pending maintenance jobs support, and using it to automatically rebuild search terms after upgrade to 1.4
  • Renamed css class wrap to fwrap to prevent conflicts with WordPress 2.3 Hebrew
  • Fixed a bug with the number of displayed search terms
  • Worked around a WordPress bug that prevented saving of Widgets with non English names (#469)

1.4.3-RC1 (27/10/2007)

  • trac plugin now records query string in urls (#454)
  • Fixed a bug that effected the display of strings with a particular character (value \255) (#483)
  • Fixed a bug in the recognition of google search terms
  • Fixed to delete site from archive tables when deleting a site using the sites tab (#498)
  • Fixed registraton of WordPress blog when installing in satallite mode
  • Added support for two Czech search engines (,
  • Fixed a bug with FireStats automatic activation in WordPress MU (#517) (14/11/2007)
  • Update the IP-to-country database version to 31/10/2007 (14/11/2007)
  • Added Norwegian translation (Thanks to Christian Lomsdalen) (19/11/2007)

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