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FireStats 1.2

New and Noteworthy (Explanations and screen-shots)
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1.2.0 Beta (4/3/2007)

  • Multiple sites support (Ticket #111)
  • Hits table filter (Ticket #43)
  • Now possible to select whois provider (Ticket #78)
  • Better IP address detection of users behind a proxy (Ticket #191)
  • Improved security
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Fixed a bug with the sessions when PHP is running in safe mode - (06/03/2007) (Ticket #252)
  • Updated IP2Country database to version 2007.3.5 (06/03/2007)
  • Fixed a bug effecting FireStats running inside WordPress on Windows servers (09/03/2007)
  • Fixed a bug causing IE7 to display a blank page (11/03/2007)
  • Added page-views and orphan hits display to site-management tab (12/03/2007)
  • SECURITY : Fixed a security hole (13/03/2007)
  • Fixed the IE7 to display a blank page again - this time when FireStats is launched from WordPress (#267) (15/03/2007)

1.2.1-RC1 (16/03/2007)

  • Fixed an important bug causing Unicode URLs to be stored incorrectly. (#272) (17/03/2007)
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect link to FireStats in the WordPress dashboard stats (17/03/2007)
  • Fixed a bug that caused WordPress excluded users setting to be ignored. (17/03/2007)
  • Fixed a bug in the way URLs and referrers are stored that was introduced because of the security fix (19/03/2007)
  • Fixed another bug with the line breaks in the hits table (effected mostly Mac users). (21/03/2007)

1.2.2-RC2 (17/04/2007)

  • Improved session management under PHP safe-mode and in environments when multiple server users share the same FireStats instance (#290, #295)
  • Fixed a bug that caused some URLs to follow incorrectly in the hits table (#296)
  • Fixed a bug that caused error messages when running inside Drupal (#307)
  • Fixed another bug regarding the handling of the sessions directory (22/04/2007)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the site managment tab to go blank on IE7 (22/04/2007), (#314)

1.2.3-RC3 (26/04/2007)

  • Some more IE7 specific fixes.
  • More improvement of sessions management under PHP safe-mode.
  • SECURITY : Fixed a security hole in the integration plugins of trac and Django (27/04/2007)
  • More improvement of sessions management in condition where /tmp is not writable but safe mode is turned off. (30/04/2007)

1.2.4-stable (12/05/2007)

  • Some more fixes to session management code
  • Slovene translation contributed by Kosir (3/7/2007)

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