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0.9.5-beta (16/09/2006) Code snapshot

  • Recent popular pages
  • Improved browser and OS trees display
  • Moved FireStats page to DashBoard (wordpress)
  • Hebrew translation
  • Fixed counterize import bug

0.9.4-beta (08/09/2006)

  • Fixed to work with mysql 4.0 (Godaddy, here I come)
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Fixed a CSS bug that messed up the post editor in wordpress, this is quite a hasty fix, please let me know if anything else is broken


  • Initial release of Standalone edition
  • Added new version detection machanism
  • Improved display of recent referers tree
  • Fixed various bugs with the links in the hits table
  • Made automatic refresh the detault


  • Added recent referers
  • added error handling to (hopefuly) all database related actions.
  • further work toward standalone version : now using own options table (no longer depends on wordpress for that)


  • Initial beta release