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Beta test FireStats!

To beta test FireStats latest improvements, you need to use the latest code from the Subversion repository.

Check out

You can obtain a Subversion client here.

To check out the code using the svn command line client, use this command:

svn co

To check out using other tools, you will have to input repository url in the appropriate place in your tool


To test FireStats in WordPress change directory to your test blog wp-content/plugins/ direcotry, and check-out the code there. the svn co command will create a firestats directory in plugins. when its done, activate FireStats from the plugins menu and you are ready to test. if you do not have shell access to your test server, you can check-out the code to your local machine, and upload the files to the test blog.

Stand alone

To test FireStats in Stand-alone mode, just check-out FireStats to a directory under your web-root, and access the directory via your browser.
you will be prompted to configure the database.
check out the Sites management tab to find out to enable FireStats to track access to any PHP page an your site.


Since the code obtained from the repository is work in progress, it may crash your site, corrupt your data and possibly even eat your family and pets.
so don't use it on your live blog/site.